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by in Big brother in your TV? on 2015-02-09 21:00 (#2WZT)

Let's forget about the security implications of something like this. We for the most part know that if it can be a listening device, it will be. Applies to all technology in this area, whether the information is secure is up to the company.

Let's instead look at who exactly should be afraid: the users of voice activation with their television.

Should we as a community be afraid? I'm not.

I will never spend my money on a television with over-sensationalized, fad technology. The market is pushing speech recognition before it's truly a pragmatic solution for everyday problems. Have there been strides made in the technology? Absolutely. It's developed into a wonderful tool, but it's still not at the point where I can justify speech when I could have pressed a button. I don't think any of this really makes my life easier at this point, especially as the article says, and I quote:
Samsung has issued a statement to clarify how voice activation works. It emphasised that the voice recognition feature is activated using the TV's remote control.
Essentially, I would need to pick up the remote... to use something intended to serve as a replacement for the remote.

In short, I'm not afraid of my television being used for covert surveillance, mostly because I don't see it at a stage where it's practical for either party. It could give some data, or even intelligence to a listening ear, but for the most part I don't consider this a risk in the first place.

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by in Popular Distribution 'Crunchbang' (#!) Stops Development on 2015-02-07 19:26 (#2WYK)

Yeah, you're making a good point, I just would have used that as your first comment. As far as coverage in the media, just concerning the announcement, articles have come from all over including IT World, Phoronix, and Liliputing. These may not be in your 'top-ten' sites, but there is some buzz out there about the closing, enough to get most of the sites like this one to post a blurb about the story.

'Popular' may not be fully justified, but there's little I can do now to change it anyway. I guess I can try to keep a better look out in the future.

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by in Popular Distribution 'Crunchbang' (#!) Stops Development on 2015-02-07 16:18 (#2WYE)

No that's fair point, although I wouldn't use yourself as a metric. I'm sure there's a ton, not just limited to distributions that I don't know about, but that doesn't mean there isn't a substantial community surrounding it. Especially with so many unique communities widespread, I wouldn't be surprised if I was completely unaware of some of the most favored distributions altogether. I was assuming when I wrote the title that since #! had been featured on /. several times previously, Hacker News, and a few other notable sites that it was better known.

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by in Pipedot Turns One on 2015-02-06 21:36 (#2WXE)

This is one of the best designed news websites I have ever had the good fortune to lay my eyes upon. The visual styling is impeccable, the formatting kind and easy to read and digest. Our only issue now is content generation. I have issues generating content when my main news sites are aggregates instead of sources. It looks like as of now we have more readers than writers. Content is our biggest challenge as a community.

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by in My first gaming system was: on 2014-09-30 12:00 (#2T0Y)

Anyone else here for the TurboGraphx/PC-Engine?

I think just having 'Any Tiling WM' should've been an option... (Score: 1)

by in In any given month I use as interface: on 2014-08-14 20:35 (#3VH)

I use i3wm, easiest for me to learn but there are many great ones out there such as aweseome, dwm, etc.

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by in My next big purchase will be: on 2014-07-29 06:20 (#2PJ)

I know my T400 is going to die, and I've taken great care of it. I just wish I could compile on a Core 2 Duo like I could on an i7.